The Virginia Association for Home Care & Hospice 

The Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice represents the interests of the home care industry through advocacy, education and guidance with a commitment to quality.

The Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice is the most influential and respected organization enabling the home to be the healthcare setting of choice.


The West Virginia Council for Home Care & Hospice 


The Mission of West Virginia Council of Home Care & Hospice Agencies is to provide regulatory support, resources, education and leadership to Home Health Providers in West Virginia. 

The Core Values include quality in care, resources and education to providers, ethical standards, fiscal responsibility and stability of the WVCHCH.



Home Care & Consumer Advocacy in Virginia and West Virginia

Help protect the rights of those in need and the ones who care for them by supporting home care and hospice organizations.

Advocating for home care and hospice organizations to insure fair and equitable reimbursement, improve quality and assure access for all.

Fighting for fair and reasonable regulatory and audit structures to prevent fraud waste and abuse.




We provide our members with the tools and resources necessary to work with their local, state, and federal representatives on issues that are important to them. Such issues include regulations, voting rights, and back reimbursement related to the way they run their businesses.


Holds conferences for executives and key staff that covers a wide variety of important topics, including compliances, regulations, how to submit proper claims and nursing documentation, and how to fill out assessment forms to show that the correct care is being given.


We sponsor numerous meetings around the state and host committees and task forces for all hot-button issues. Our association is about connecting people with the organizations that have the information they need. We are information brokers, if you will, providing you with the answers you need in person or via email.


Home Care/ Personal Care Aide Virtual Training

This new training program provides 32 hours of virtual curriculum followed by 8 hours of competency training from a sponsoring home care agency.

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